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This account is mostly for reblogging, but I'll occasionally post up fanart and collection/ merchandise photos.

-Hunter x Hunter
-Dragon Ball

New Hunter x Hunter Opening

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This carousel takes us round and round
This labyrinth of life
You can't tell up from down
Havin' so much fun
We forget to check where this crossroad's takin' us
But hey, here we come!
Anime yourself!

Turn yourself into anime






Here’s the face behind the blog~

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Hi guys. I haven’t been round tumblr (or anywhere on the net) much recently and I just wanted to post an update to let people know I’m doing fine and nothing bad’s happened to me. ^^

Been very busy with an academic project (practically working every hour of my free-time over the past two months), as well of course my job as a junior animator, and the time-sucking game series of Persona.

Got plans for kappapillon (my art account) but I won’t be returning until this project is over and done with (so a few more weeks). Will be at MCM expo next weekend to catch up with people [if anyone wants to meet, lemme know] but won’t be cosplaying due to 0 spare time (and it looks like it’s gonna be a heatwave anyway. Lovely weather in the UK recently)~

Hope everyone’s been doing well and keeping positive. :)

Also, update for anyone interested in depression…

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Artist: GReeeeN
Track: " 僕らの物語"

Title: 僕らの物語
Artist: GReeeeN from the album ‘Story Of Us


I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo


Im sorry

~but what if Killua carries a snicker around for times like this~


Mirai/Future Trunks with squirrels.


Mirai/Future Trunks with squirrels.

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Pun Dog #5 (previously) [via]